Violaine LARVOR

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

A few words about me…My story
As Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner, I started my career twenty years ago as a corporate lawyer which I still practice to this day.

I was at a point in my life where I was looking for something more, something with meaning and then came across the concept of hypnosis. I was drawn to philosophy and it suited my values and core beliefs.

That’s why I enrolled for the European School of Hypnosis (or HYPNOSUP) in Paris, a renowned institution in this field.

My training is on a continuous basis and I stay up today with new researches and studies.

Hypnosis is an effective and powerful tool that can all help you move forward with your goals and achievements or overcome life trauma that can cause to blockage and fears.

The first time I experienced hypnosis, I had some reservations been a rational person by nature. However, after my first session, this experience was an I opener for me.

That’s why I wish to accompany you on your own path whatever your requests may be. You will find here with me a carrying and listening ear to implement all the changes you need, in a reassuring environment.

What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis can be for people for any ages.
Here are some examples for which hypnosis could help:

  • Overall wellbeing (at home and at work),
  • Confidence building,
  • Positive thinking,
  • Addiction (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.),
  • Eating disorders, sugar addiction,
  • Phobias (airplane, dogs…),
  • Stress management (daily or linked to a deadline: exam, driving license, public speaking),
  • Physical disorders,
  • Pain management,
  • Preparing for childbirth,
  • Sexual disorders,
  • Improving your abilities (sports, intellectual, creative),
  • Learning to relax (often by self-hypnosis),
  • Accompaniment towards a change (relationship changes, professional change), etc. 

For children : from 5 years old and up.

Disclaimer: Please not that hypnosis does not replace any medical treatment. You should first consult your doctor.

Hypnosis is a therapy based on a human relationship. Choose a therapist that is a right fit for you, that you trust and feel at ease. Doing this will assure you successful results.

Useful Information

What happens in a session?

A session lasts approximately 1 hour (1 hour and half for stop smoking and 45 minutes for children).

It is usually divided into two parts: we determine together your objective in the session and then proceed with hypnosis.

Video consultation (Google Meet or Zoom) is also possible.


The price is 80 euros per session (65 euros for children under 15). Stop smoking: 110 euros.

Payment is made in cash, check or online via PAYLIB or PAYPAL (secure payment).

Video consultation discount : 10 Euros.

Making appointments:

Sessions are held by appointment only. You can contact me by email at or by phone at You can also book directly on my website.

Meeting places:

Sessions will be held at 67, rue Charles Infroit, 78570 Andresy and upon request, session can also be held in Douarnenez (29).

Cancellation policy:

Important: last minute cancellation and no-show will be required to be paid in form.

Please note I reserve to right to refuse appointments in a case of frequent cancellations.


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot